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Winner of the 2014 Somerset Awards first prize
for literary fiction
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The content of the novel is a surprise to those familiar with Glenn's writing. The majority of his fiction has dealt with Vietnam where he spent the better part of thirteen years as an undercover intelligence operative. His best- known work is his Vietnam novel-in-stories, Friendly Casualties, published in 2012. But Glenn spent five years as a volunteer buddy for AIDS patients, working with the Whitman-Walker Clinic in Washington, D.C.; two years aiding the homeless; and seven years ministering to the dying in the hospice system. Glenn says he wrote No-Accounts to exorcize the trauma that bedeviled him from facing so many deaths. "And I wanted to tell the AIDS story from both the gay and straight perspective."
A straight man takes care of a gay man dying of AIDS.
“No–Accounts is neither a gay novel nor a straight novel—it is a human novel.”
    — Eric D. Goodman


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